What exactly is PPC advertising Should you use it for your business - VRankUp

What exactly is PPC Advertising? Should you use it for Your Business? – VRankUp

Pay-per-click, or PPC advertising, can be a great way to market your business to new customers and grow your brand’s presence online. However, it can also be somewhat confusing at first to those just getting started with the channel. 

To help you understand how PPC works and how you can use the strategy to better promote your business, here are some key tips on the subject and actionable items that you can start using today to get the most out of PPC ads!

This article will discuss how pay-per-click ads work as well as the benefits of using them as well as the various platforms that you can make use of PPC advertising, and the distinctions between these platforms.

What exactly is PPC advertising?

Pay-per-click ads are a form of digital marketing that works much like pay-per-click advertising in search engines. The general goal is to increase brand awareness and drive traffic back to your website, while also paying Google or another ad network every time someone clicks on your ad. 

Like with display ads, PPC can be effective if you use keywords and copy effectively, but it can also burn through cash quickly if you’re not careful about how you’re spending.

The concept behind pay-per-click advertising is quite simple: companies place ads on an internet platform and pay only for the ad once the user clicks on it.

Each company has its method to ensure that ads relevant to the user are displayed to the correct audience which includes the keywords as well as audience targeting. 

Certain platforms, such as Google are also using auction or bidding methods to determine the PPC advertisements will be displayed over other ads. We’ll explore this in more detail in this blog.

What are the advantages that come from PPC advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising can be a powerful instrument if used appropriately. The main reasons you should consider using PPC are:

  • Only pay when a potential customer clicks

In contrast to other types of advertising unlike other forms of advertising, with PPC (Pay Per Click) you only pay when someone interacts with your advertisement. With this type of advertising it is still possible to gain brand recognition at no cost and just when someone does click your ad will you be charged

  • Can check the speed of the results

Investment in the development of organic search engine traffic is vital (Hey! We can help you with this, too! ) It is possible to see immediate results from PPC advertising. Growing organic search traffic can take some time, but PPC campaigns can generate the traffic and convert it in a matter of minutes.

  • You can make use of advanced targeting to get prospective customers at the correct location at the appropriate time.

Instead of throwing an ad out and hoping the people you are targeting see it, using PPC you can make use of advanced targeting options to determine who is viewing your advertisement and at what time they view it. For example, a high-end restaurant could target those aged over 30 in their local area who earn $100,000or more during the hours of three p.m. until six p.m. every Friday.

  • You can make solid decisions based on real information

In the course of a PPC Campaign, you can view the results in real-time, and take decisions based on them. You can analyze the results and decide if you want to alter your advertisement or increase the budget, end the ad and its budget or carry on based on the actual information in real-time. Based on the information you collect from the running of your PPC advertisements, you could find that people who use mobile devices are two times more likely to complete purchases. So, it is possible to invest more funds for promoting your ads on mobile devices as opposed to desktops.

  • You define your budget to limit costs.

When you use PPC advertisements, you can make your budget and determine the amount you wish to spend on your advertisement. The success of your campaign will be contingent on several elements which include the budget you have set however, ultimately, you will only pay whatever your budget can afford.

Which are PPC channels you can make use of?

Google AdWords is a PPC Channel

Do you know that when you search for something using Google’s Google Search Engine, only to see a handful of advertisements for websites appear on top of those results that are organic? These are Google AdWords advertisements, and they’re an aspect that is a type of PPC advertising.

Google AdWords is now an extremely popular type of advertisement for all types of businesses whether B2B or B2C local or international and small or large. In essence, Google AdWords uses keyword targeting, meaning that the ads shown relate to the search term which was searched for.

Google AdWords also uses a bidding system. This implies that what you’re willing to pay for advertisements is in competition with what similar businesses pay for their advertisements.

There are two options to promote your business through the Google platform – either the Google Search Network or the Google Display Network.

Google Search Network ads are those that show up within Google’s Google search engine when you search for something The type of advertisements we discussed at the start of this post. These ads are only based on words and are intended to attract prospective customers looking for keywords that relate to your business Google. For example, if do a Google searches for plumbers in your region there are likely to be several ads from different plumbing firms.

Google Display Network ads may include text, images, or videos and may be displayed on a variety of websites. Sites can sign-up to host Google Display ads, and after that, Google places your ads on websites that are relevant to your company. For instance, if visited a website that offered camping advice and advice, you might find an ad for a shop that sells tents.

Why is Google AdWords such an amazing tool for advertising?

  • Your advertisement will only be displayed when you are using the appropriate search terms

When you use Google AdWords Search Network, you are confident that your ad will be seen by the right people. It is displayed to those who are searching for words that relate to your company, and the chances of them being attracted by your ad and clicking on it are very high.

  • Requires a few assets to support it.

There are no videos, photos, or images are required to make Google ads, specifically to be used on Google’s Google Search Network. However, don’t let this fool you it’s not all involved in making one. The algorithms and bidding process can be a bit complicated and typically, advertisements require constant monitoring and tweaking to achieve the most effective results.

  • Large audience

Younger generations are moving away from Facebook and Instagram, while older generations aren’t as enthusiastic about Instagram and Twitter as well, and people of all ages are getting rid of social media entirely. But almost everybody online is using Google frequently and, since Google Display Network advertisements are also displayed on other websites, too, and are quite visible, it’s difficult to browse the web without being aware of these ads.

Using Facebook for PPC Campaigns

One of the advertising channels that usually provide you with the greatest return on your marketing investment is Facebook advertising.

Facebook is an effective way to get in front of future customers and introduce your brand to them. It is particularly useful for B2C companies, but it has also demonstrated impressive outcomes for B2B when it is done correctly.

What makes Facebook an excellent marketing tool?

Apart from the nearly 2 billion monthly active users There are a variety of good reasons to incorporate Facebook advertising into your plan.

  • The huge quantity of user data

Facebook has a wealth of data from users that is far more than the usual demographic data. By using this information advertisers can effectively focus on their target audience by using location, age gender, interests, and much more. For instance, the trades school might be targeting males aged 17-18 from Kelowna who are interested in carpentry.

  • A low CPC

Though it’s constantly expanding, Facebook has a fairly low cost-per-click (CPC) when compared to other mediums for advertising. It is dependent on the type of product or service as well as the audience that is targeted and the budget of the advertisement and ad budget, it is estimated that an average cost-per-click CPC for ads on Facebook is less than $2.00.

  • Specific reporting metrics

Being aware of whether your campaign is successful or not is the key to achieving the highest return on investment from your campaign. Facebook offers a wealth of reporting metrics for your ads. You can not only see your ad’s reach and impressions, cost-per-click CPC, and engagement and engagement, but you can determine how long the video ads that people watch and what the click-through percentage (CTR) is, and also lead conversions on websites.

Making use of Instagram as a PPC marketing campaign

Instagram is another social media platform that offers PPC advertising. Instagram is less popular with users than Facebook but it is rapidly growing into one of the more well-known social networks with more than 800 million people active and growing.

The Instagram platform is all about images and is particularly loved by younger people. It may not be the ideal marketing platform for every company however for those whose customers are using Instagram, it can prove very beneficial.

The key to Instagram is to keep the account as organic and organic as is possible. Utilize attractive images or videos that are representative of your company’s image, appeal to your intended audience, and aren’t too like ads. Just like other types of PPC advertising You only pay when your ad is clicked.

What makes Instagram an excellent marketing tool?

  • It’s a visual

Instagram is the ideal platform to express your creativity and display your company’s visual identity. Studies have proven that in this day of information overload and noise pictures on Instagram posts result in more engagement of 650% over posts that do not.

  • It’s tied to Facebook with targeting capabilities

Did you have the knowledge that Instagram is controlled by Facebook? Instagram’s advertising is managed through the Facebook Ad Manager making it simple to run the same ad across both platforms at your discretion and gather the same information that is taken for Facebook advertisements. Additionally, Instagram learns about its users according to their place of residence, what they are interested in and what they click on, and so on. It means Instagram ads can be targeted the same way as Facebook advertisements.

  • Lower clutter and greater engagement

Since Instagram is relatively new to the pay-per-click advertising game it has less competition. The ads appear natural since they are incorporated into the feed of a user or in their stories, making them more accessible.

LinkedIn is a Fantastic PPC Instrument for Business-To-Business Marketing

LinkedIn is a different social platform with pay-per-click adoptions. Although it has a lower user base than other social networks with more than 250 million active monthly members, the kind of information and users they share about themselves are distinct from other platforms which is the thing that makes LinkedIn different from other platforms.

LinkedIn was designed specifically for professionals and many members are decision-makers or those looking to make professional connections. Like Google AdWords, LinkedIn uses an auction system for advertisements.

What makes LinkedIn an excellent marketing tool?

  • Different options for targeting

On LinkedIn, you can also target users based on more professional characteristics such as the title of job and function, as well as skills or even industry.

  • Perfect for B2B marketing and recruitment

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn is a database of professionals from various sectors, making LinkedIn ideal for B2B advertising and recruitment.

  • Up-to-date demographic info

Because of the nature of LinkedIn, LinkedIn users are very likely to keep their profiles updated and keep adding relevant details about themselves as often as they are able to. The statistics you choose to use to reach your target audience will be more likely to introduce you to the correct people.

Don’t forget to mention Twitter to use for PPC!

Images are as important to Instagram just as they are words to Twitter.

Twitter is about communicating information in the shortest amount of time possible, thanks to its 280 characters limit. Videos and images can be shared on Twitter however the thing that is what makes Twitter distinctive is its emphasis on hashtags, topics that are trending, and concise details.

Twitter is an ideal platform for announcements, news, and even wit. While its followers are smaller than Facebook (over 300 million users active) It does have certain unique features that can’t be accessible elsewhere, making it an excellent platform to promote certain companies.

On Twitter, you can advertise one specific tweet or your entire Twitter account.

What makes Twitter an effective tool to advertise?

  • You can set certain goals in marketing and that’s the price you’ll pay for.

Not just is it the case that Twitter provide the PPC option for advertising however, advertisers can also to define more specific objectives, and only pay when the goals are achieved – for instance, the growth of followers on your account or driving visitors to your website.

  • Super-targeted audiences

In contrast to similar social networks, Twitter ads can be directed to people who have used the hashtag or keyword of your choice. This means that you can be very specific about the people you want to advertise to with your ad. Advertisements can be targeted according to those who have viewed your tweets in the past and advertisers can build their audiences using the Twitter handle of the people they’d like to be targeting.

  • Low CPC

Because there is less competition on Twitter than on other platforms such as Google or Facebook The cost tends to be less, with no budget minimum.

Do you want to consider using PPC advertising for an advertising campaign?

Pay-per-click advertising can be a powerful way to reach your clients at just the right moment, in the correct place, and ahead of what your competitors do, but do not jump in without thinking. An effective PPC Ads campaign requires a carefully planned strategy, as well as great graphics and copy.

Pay-per-click ads typically need monitoring, revised, and re-worked in order to produce optimal results. Once the goal is reached it is evident that a PPC advertisement’s ROI is worth it.

VRankup, a recognized Pay-Per-Click Marketing in Delhi, provides the best PPC management services for our valued clients worldwide. We create PPC ad campaigns through thorough research and objective analysis of market trends and a proficient understanding of keyword phrases and the bidding process. As a result, we create ads that are concise, effective, and within budget.

If you’re looking to learn more about whether the PPC campaign is the best option for your business, just give us a call. We will be glad to help!

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