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How to set up a professional YouTube channel Guide 2022?

Professional Youtube Channel – Setup Guide

Did you know that setting up a Professional YouTube Channel is a little different from your personal one?

If you are also looking to generate revenue from your Youtube channel and grow your audience, this post is for you. We all know that scaling up our revenue from Youtube videos is the new normal now! The power of the Youtube platform is not a secret anymore as more and more people hit Youtube search as soon as they want to learn something new or follow some tips and tricks. Not only that, with changing times, more and more people want to start their Youtube channel of their own. So, with the right process and a little upfront optimization of some key channel settings, you can quickly configrate your channel and maximize your views, subscribers and traffic on YouTube.

So in this post, let’s learn how to create a Youtube Channel – A Professional One, along with the key settings you need to do to maximize your results. Here is the step-by-step guide to create, optimize and grow your professional Youtube Channel.

Step 1: Have a Gmail Account

Before you start creating your Youtube Channel, make sure you have your Gmail account in place and If you do not have a Gmail account, create a new one by logging into  www.gmail.com.


Choose “To manage my business” as personal accounts are limited in several ways. And if you intend to create an account for professional use Business account is recommended. So, click on “Manage my Business” and follow the steps to create your brand new Gmail account.

Step 2: Log in to YouTube

The next step is to Login Youtube by Signing Up at www.youtube.com. Sign In with the account that you have created for your business or professional use.

Step 2 Log in to YouTube - vrankup delhi

Once you are signed in, the Top Right icon will change to your name, initials or image.

Step 3: Create Your YouTube Channel

Finally, we have reached the platform where we can create our Youtube Channel. Click on “Create Channel in the drop down. 

Have a Gmail Account - vrankup

Now Youtube will ask you to:

  1. Create a Channel with either your name or a custom name. You can choose a Gmail name or your brand name, whichever you like.
  2. The next step is to upload a profile picture or channel picture if you have or do that later.
  3. In the next step, you will have to tell your audience a brief about your channel. Thai is one of the most important sections while setting up your channel. Try to include keyword phrases like Youtube marketing tips or something relevant to your niche as it helps you Youtube SEO.
  4. Add your website link and other social media links and hit continue.

 Woohoo, the Channel has been created! And you will be here:

your niche as it helps you Youtube SEO - Vrankup
Step 4: Setting Up Your Professional Channel 

Now that you have created your channel, it’s time to set it up for your business purpose and to do that, click on the “ Customization” on the left menu and hit on the Basic information.

Setting Up Your Professional Channel - Vrankup
Basic Info

This is where we can see our channel description that you added earlier and if we go down, you will find Channel URL, which is a long ugly URL, but once you have 100 subscribers, you can claim a custom URL.

youtube channel setup guide

The next one is again one of the most important for your business or lead generation and this is your email which people can see so that they can reach out and contact you. Needless to say, this way, you can give quick access to your clients who want to work with you.

Don’t forget to hit PUBLISH on the Top Right corner once you are done.


We have added a profile picture earlier, but this is the place where you can change it! Now the main focus here is to have the Banner Image, which is going to be across the top of your channel, i.e., T.V, Laptop or mobile. To upload the image that is best for your channel. Add a few creative  and  text on Banner Image to make it look attractive on all devices.

The next one is the watermark which pops up on desktops and mobile, but it’s clickable only on desktop. So, upload a small graphic of 150 x 150 pixels and use it as a button on your youtube videos.

Hit PUBLISH and have a look on your channel.

Let’s move to the layout section; although there is not much to do in the layout section in the beginning, you can later go and upload a channel trailer, a short little video telling viewers what your channel is all about and why they should subscribe.

Step 5: Setting  the Settings

 Another thing you need to do is click on setting down the left corner and follow simple steps to make your channel look more professional.

youtube channel set up - vrankup blog

Now that you have your channel set up, start uploading your videos. Hope this post was helpful, and if you get stuck while setting up your channel you can always ask us to assist you at www.vrankup.com.

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