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Whenever you search for something on Google, you often find the yellow-labelled sponsored ads at the top of your search results pages. These are paid-per-click advertisements results. Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC ads, is an online marketing strategy used to generate more clicks for websites by a targeted audience. This online marketing method delivers instant results and increases the chances of converting clicks on the keyword or website into business leads.

You can expect a boom in your business with more traffic, leads, and more sales. VRankup, a well-known PPC Services Company in Delhi, can help you with everything from setting up your campaign to ongoing management to maximize paid traffic and ROI. Our team comprises Google AdWords certified partners who provide the best results in terms of targeted audience, sales and ROI. We manage the Best PPC Campaigns for our clients from all over the world.

We can help you boost your keywords on the internet or Google and make your ads visible online to potential customers. Every click on the selected keywords will cost you money.

PPC (pay per click) is a great way to bring customers in without extra effort quickly. We can assist you in this area and help you buy the appropriate advertisements on search engines. We can also help you select the keywords that allow people to view the ads and then click on them.

We are here to offer the Best Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services in India. VRankup, the  Top PPC Services Agency in Delhi, is the perfect fit for your company.

PPC Services Company in Delhi

Why is Pay-Per-Click PPC a Powerful Marketing Tool?

Although you might believe that Online Advertisement or PPC Services in Delhi are unnecessary for your business, it is a necessity. You will reap many benefits if you allow the professionals to handle this task for you. These include the fact that the results can be measured and delivered quickly. You can also choose when and how much to advertise, as well as target a particular audience. You can select how many clicks you wish to pay, and you will be able to take the most desired space in the Google search results.

  • The PPC ad campaigns are suitable for businesses, large or small, in all industries.
  • With PPC Marketing campaigns, you can effectively grow your customer base with instant reach
  • Additionally, it can be implemented faster – resulting in greater reach.
  • Increase the value and quantifiability of your brand, which will lead to higher profits and more business growth.
  • You can get more leads for less money by implementing your business idea efficiently and effectively PPC Services in Delhi.

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How Do We Render The Best PPC Services Agency in Delhi?

VRankup, a recognized Pay-Per-Click Marketing in Delhi, provides the best PPC management services for our valued clients worldwide. We create PPC ad campaigns through thorough research and objective analysis of market trends and a proficient understanding of keyword phrases and the bidding process. As a result, we create ads that are concise, effective, and within budget.

Our Best PPC Services- how it works?

So if you want to start a pay-per-click campaign and generate more leads? 

Congratulations! You have arrived at the right place. We are a Professional PPC Services Company in Delhi that can help you reach your business goals with ease. At VRankup we can create PPC campaigns that meet your exact requirements and generate the maximum ROI within your budget. We also assist with your daily budget in crafting a successful PPC campaign. 

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Affordable PPC Services Company in India

Search Advertising

It's easy to advertise with search engines. Search engines place your advertisement, and users search for keywords that match your target keyword. As a result, your ad appears at the top of organic search results. Because these users are searching for what you offer, search ads ensure high-quality traffic and conversions.

Display Advertising

This world is visual and virtual. The greater the attraction of the goods or services, the higher the draw factor. The primary source of sales is the entity's ability to showcase its goods or services. Presentation is just as important as quality. VRankup's display the best PPC services agency in Delhi will help clients increase their digital reach.

Social Media Advertising

The power of social media advertising. A combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other advertising platforms. If executed correctly, it could yield profitable results. We are a leading agency in social media advertising. We can increase the virality of content, improve engagement, optimize spend, and drive more leads.


Remarketing can be done on a variety of channels. This includes social media platforms such as Facebook and video-sharing sites such YouTube. Remarketing is a powerful tool that can help your business grow and increase its revenue. VRankup PPC Services Agency in Delhi offers remarketing services that will allow your company to make the most out of remarketing.

Google Shopping Ads

Smart Shopping campaigns allow products to appear across all Google properties. This allows them to reach users wherever and whenever they are searching. Unfortunately, many people overlook Google Shopping Ads, also known as Product Ads.
Get the PPC Services Company in Delhi to for your products and services across the world.

Mobile Advertising

More than half the social media activity is done on smartphones. Your marketing strategy must change to keep your brand engaged as mobile devices continue to evolve. The best know the latest trends and technologies to increase revenue for a company. We help you win in this highly competitive market with smart marketing strategies.

Online Advertising Agency Packages


No. of Keywords-50(approx)
  • Campaign – 3
  • AD Groups – 5
  • Ad Copies – Maximum 6
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Reporting


No. of Keywords-100(approx)
  • Campaign – 5
  • AD Groups – 10
  • Ad Copies – Maximum 12
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Reporting


  • Cutomized
  • Cutomized
  • Cutomized
  • Cutomized
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Pay Per Click(PPC) or Cost Per Click(CPC) are paid ads which allow us to post text, image and video advertisements across web and social media. This is one of the commonly used tactics to promote you or your business.

Ad spend is completely your decision. Once you have an ad spend budget in mind, our experts can help you in investing it on the right platform like facebook, google ads, Instagram etc.

You can advertise anywhere on the internet with PPC ads. Most common platforms used are search engines ,social media and even on third party websites.Get in touch with our experts to know the right platforms for PPC ads according to your business.

It depends where you are running your PPC campaigns. Like if it is a google ad then it will appear on search engines. If you invested in social media PPC it will appear on social media platforms which you have selected and likewise on Youtube.

YES!  Ads that appear in search engines give you more return on investment.

It Varies. However, on an average monthly budgets for PPC campaigns for small to midsize businesses should be somewhere between INR8000 – INR 12000.

While calculating PPC budgets three factors are very important: Bid, Target and Ad quality.

Bid is how much you want to spend per click on your ad. 

Target is everything from keywords to demographics that can influence your ad and PPC cost.Quality of ad also affects your PPC cost.

Well, any type of business can opt for PPC ads, however, you can speak to our experts to have better insight about your business.

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