grow your business is Youtube

How To Grow Your Business with YouTube?

YouTube For Business!

Everyone knows that one of the powerful marketing tools to grow your business is Youtube. But the thing is that whether we exactly know how to do it? We are happy to share a few simple strategies through this post that will help you in growing your business and get results in the due course of time. 

Before we get into learning more about strategies, let’s understand that Youtube, unlike other social platforms, is more of a content platform where you create lifetime content which gives results in the long run. The key is to do it right and create a library of your unique content. The very moment you upload your video it gets found on google and starts ranking in YouTube and one can find it after years as well. Isn’t it that simple? Here we have listed out key things to create your content, make it workable for your growth, and simple strategies which you can implement to leverage your organic growth.

So, let’s get started!

3 Key Focus Areas

#1 Audience: First thing is to identify your target audience or customers according to your channel, product, service, or business. Spend some time to find out what they are actually searching for. Remember! There needs to be a decent volume of searches for the content that you are creating so that you are not producing something your audience is not interested in. This actually makes a big difference when you create content that you think that your customer would need viz a viz content that your target audience wants in real. Generally, experts start producing content as per their expertise but your audience may not be as expert as you are. So in most cases, they might not get their answers through your video and they will feel disconnected. So to make your content more relevant you need to create content that they need the most or what they are looking for.

So the key focus is to search for what they are looking for and deliver what they need.

#2 Keyword Research: Surely, you must be thinking now that how would we know what my audience is searching for? So, here comes focus point no.2 Keyword Research, you need specific keywords to attract specific kinds of traffic. Research for the exact language that your audience is using, this will help you in finding the words or vocabulary that your audience is using to describe the topics or questions when they are searching and this will be quite an insight of your customers as to what they are actually struggling for and what level of understanding they have about the subject. And this shows you what to optimize your video for! All you need to do is: head over to youtube and hit the search icon with your topic, you will see the autofill in the dropdown and youtube will suggest to you what exactly people are looking for based on the previous searches. This way you can search for your Keyword and get amazing results.

#3 Lead Generation: When we are done with our research work, now is the time to convert videos into leads and leads in business. Once you have delivered what your customers exactly want your videos will automatically attract organic leads but we can’t stop there, so, to generate more leads or customers we need to offer them some guide or free course or some additional knowledge that might help them further down. Share as many tools or links that are helpful for your audience to get them better results. But make sure to offer these resources to only those who have invested time in your videos or sign up. This will ensure the closest and serious followers off Youtube or on email lists that you have and you can foster your relationship to generate more business. 

How will this work?

Put a few extra resources in your video only for those who subscribe or register with you for more tips or free guides or training or whatever resource you think is best to offer. By following the steps you expect your audience to follow you will have your leads ready to access and move on to your next step. 

By focusing on these 3 simple steps you will be able to have your database of people that you know are interested in your services, product, or business. Now, you are ready to convert these leads into real-time customers and generate revenue for your company. So, if you have not explored this amazing marketing tool yet make sure you do it now! Do some experiments on YouTube and kick start your business marketing today to take it to the next level.

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