Top Digital Marketing updates that affects 2022

Top Digital Marketing Updates That Affects 2022

Each year, Google offers something new with its algorithm updates. Although most of these updates are quite general and often go unnoticed, sometimes we get an update that really has the power to shift the digital marketing landscape and especially SEO practices. Check out the most Digital Marketing Updates and see how they can affects SEO experts and digital marketers’ strategy of 2022.

In the year 2021, trends in digital marketing were different, with many things happening globally and people working from their homes. So we finally, kind of, set ourselves at a comfortable pace with the new way of life. And between all these, we got some amazing updates from google that really shaped SEO throughout 2021 and will continue to do so in the coming year. 

So get ready to have a look at the most awaited google updates of 2021 and those which are going to prevail to the next year-

1. Google Page Experience Update

Since its announcement in November 2020, the anxiously awaited update of page experience finally rolled out in September 2021. It’s a huge update for SEO experts and marketers out there and will be an update worth looking out for in the coming year. The name of the update is self-explanatory. This update is developed to improve the search experience on a website.

This update  digital marketing trends, as of now, involve some ranking signals that consist –

  • Core web vitals are a set of metrics to measure the performance of a page from a user experience perspective.
  • Mobility usability- the webpage must be mobile-friendly and must not have any usability errors on the phone.
  • HTTPS usage- the page must be served over HTTPS, and any presence of security issues on a site will lead to a bad status of all the pages on the site.
  • Intrusive interstitials- a site must provide a good ad experience. Any distracting or interrogating ad techniques will disqualify a page from good status.

This google’s Page experience update is applicable only for smartphones but will be available for desktops completely in the near future.

2. Product Review Update

This update was released in April, is specially designed to reward those product reviews that are authentic, in-depth, and of higher quality. Rather than summarizing a lot about the products, a site must ensure that the product reviews are of a quality that satisfies every necessary point that a user wants to see. This update only affects English language reviews but will surely include more languages in some time.

3. Link Spam Update

In google’s own words- “this algorithm update is even more effective at identifying and multiplying link spam more broadly, across multiple languages.”

Google advised that SEO experts and digital marketers make sure to create high-quality content, only use appropriate inbound and affiliated links. Link spam update  is an update that will highly discourage those who use low-quality links to manipulate SERPs and eventually provide a better user experience. Google also warned that if a website doesn’t follow the set protocols, Google may issue algorithmic actions to prevent those links from showing up and affecting the search.

4. Broad Core Update

Although this update went mostly unnoticed by the sites, it typically happens to all core updates since these updates are regular, with hundreds of them each year. Although Google didn’t provide clear information of what this Broad core update holds but said that it’s all about making the ranking of pages better if they contain more relevant information.

5. MUM Update by Google

Undoubtedly, Google’s update of the multitasking unifies model(MUM) was the most impactful update this year. MUM uses AI that enables google’s algorithm to understand better queries, quality of the content, and its relevance. Surely MUM update is here to stay and raise the bar in the parameters mentioned earlier. Trained across 75 languages, MUM is a technology capable of giving you an answer to a question that doesn’t hold a single straightforward answer.

As an SEO expert and a digital marketer, you should be aware of new features and updates to know what you will do next and reshape your strategy. So which in your opinion is the most crucial update of 2021 in terms of digital marketing? Let us know down in the comment section.

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