Choose Best domain extension for your websites

Best domain extension for your websites in 2022

With hundreds of domain extensions out there, it becomes really challenging when you are on the mission to find the right one for you; it’s understandable.

It’s like an ocean of options and opportunities, and you are somewhere in the middle of it all now; where to go?

Well, worry not, swim along with us. Some of the most common questions in your mind might be – what is the best domain extension for your website? What are all the options available? Is it ok to go for a domain extension other than .com? If yes, then why? 

Don’t fret over it; every beginner has these questions. And it’s good to have the right questions, and you got a compass. You just need the right direction to be pointed out.

What is domain extension?

A domain extension is the combination of characters found at the end of every domain name, ex: .io, .com, .org etc. Domain extensions are also known as top-level domains (TLD).

Different types of domain extensions available-

If you can’t already tell, hundreds and thousands of domain extensions exist. But do all of them are meant for your website? No. So here’s the list of different types of domain extensions available in the market-

  • .com- most popular and most trusted TLD in the industry- .com. Added in 1985, it was created for commercial organizations initially, but now it can be used by anyone, without any restriction. 
  • .net- quite popular domain extension .net is derived from the word ‘network’, indicating initially it was meant to be used by the networking industry. Today, it’s a general-purpose namespace and can be used without any restriction.
  • .org- established in 1985, .org was meant to be used by non-profits, open-source projects, and educational communities. This extension is an open domain, and anyone can use it. 
  • .io- technically .io is a country domain. It is assigned to the British Indian ocean territory. However, it is one of the most famous TLDs in the tech and startup industry and is considered a generic top-level domain (gTLD) by google.
  • .biz- is the word that signifies phonetic spelling of the first three letters of the word ‘business’; this gTLD was intended to be used by businesses. But as with other domain extensions, .biz too is an open domain.

Which domain extension to choose?

Now that we have an idea of what domain extension actually is and some popular top-level domains. But the real question is- which domain extension to choose and why?

Now that’s some interesting question because it doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. It depends on the nature of your website and the availability of the domain extension. so, why don’t we have an open battle between all these domain extensions and see for ourselves their strengths and weaknesses?

.com v/s .org

Both the website extensions were created in the same year, 1985, which set them apart in the industry they are generally used for.

  • Availability- .com is a populated domain. It’s hard to find the domain name you are looking for, whereas .org is easily available.
  • Price- .org is more expensive than .com, leveraging the point that it’s easier to obtain in comparison to .com.
  • Trust- thanks to its initial success, .com is still the most trusted and memorable domain extension compared to .org.
  • Use- .com identifies itself with commercial entities and almost all industries, while .org is best suited for non-profits and educational platforms.

.com v/s .io

  • Availability- undoubtedly, .com rules the domain industry, but it’s scarce to find a domain name of your liking because almost every name is already taken. Whereas .io is comparatively new, you can easily get the name you want.
  • Price- with rs.949/year offered by most registrars, .com is cheaper than .io.
  • Trust- both the domain names are trusted players, but .com is still the winner here.
  • Uses- .com is reputed; you can use it anywhere, and it will shine. At the same time, .io is usually associated with the tech industry. Go for .io, if you are in the tech or startup industry. 

.com v/s .net

  • Availability- we already saw how difficult it is now to get hold of a domain name with .com because of its popularity. So, .net is obviously the winner.
  • Price- .com is offered for rs.949/year while .net is for rs.1049. However, this might differ from registrar to registrar.
  • Uses- .com is accepted by a multitude of industries but best suited for commercial entities. At the same time, .net is mainly associated with the web and tech sector.

.com v/s .net v/s .org v/s .io v/s .biz

  • Availability- .com is a populated domain, closely followed by .org. .io, .net and .biz are comparatively new and less populated
  • Prices- 

.com- rs. 949/ year

.net- rs.1049/year

.org- rs.1049/year

.biz- rs.1369/year

.io- rs.4800/year

This list of the prices of named domain extensions might change according to the registrar you choose but not with much.

  • Trust- .com is the most trusted domain, followed by .org, .net, io and .biz in the same order, according to open-study results.

We hope you have a better knowledge of domain extensions and how to choose the right one for your website. If you want digital marketing or web design services for your website, check out our services page. What’s your view on the blog? Which is the best domain extension according to you, and which one will you use for your website? Comment us below 

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