Advantage & Disadvantage of Social media marketing

Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media Marketing

The rise of social media brought a revolution in the advertising and marketing world. Social media marketing has become an integral part of our lives. With the covid-19 pandemic, worldwide lockdown, and work-from-home scenarios, daily uses have spiked by a massive 43%.

With 147 minutes per day spent on social media by each one of 4.55 billion users, you can conclude how massive an impact social media has today. People are more engaged on social media than in real life. The virtual world is the second home for an enormous world population, and the number is increasing each year steadily.

This gave birth to its own marketing style known as social media marketing. Why not? Social media provides you with both customers and ways to engage with them. It’s too impactful and huge to sleep on. But like any other creation in the world, this too has its bright and dark sides. We will uncover the advantages and disadvantages of social media as a marketing tool. Let’s dive in-

Advantages of Social Media Marketing –

1. HUGE audience base and ad customization –

When we talk about the advantages of social media, the first thing that comes to our minds is the vast user base worldwide. With more than half of the world being social media users, you can imagine the power of it. It’s GIGANTIC. There’s that, but social media doesn’t

stop there. It offers highly advanced customization options, the cherry on top. You can select your daily budget, choose a target audience according to age, sex, location, opinions, shopping behavior, interests and even life events such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Huge audience base and ad customization. That’s some crazy shit right there. If you got the brains for it, you would find beauty in it.

2. Track and optimize your performance –

One of the most impressive advantages of social media that makes it the king of marketing is that you can track every single step of your campaign, at any given time. Track it, tweak it, and optimize it. You got analytical reports and metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions to track and optimize your performance.

3. Gain valuable insights –

Who are your customers? Where are they? What do they want? Why do they want it, and how? You can gain valuable insights into your target audience and create a strategy that satiates their needs and demands. That’s the formula for a winning strategy and campaign.

4. A cost-effective option –

Even after having all these tools and advantages, social media is surprisingly cost-effective. If you could get it done the right way, if you know your way around the maze of information and options, you can become the most excellent maze runner out there. Just keep in mind that every social media platform has its own route. With excellent Return on Investment (ROI), social media is the undisputed marketing champion and a cost-effective option.

Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing –

1. It’s a time-consuming process –

Everything comes with a price; consider this the ultimate price for all the shiny things social media offers. It takes time, it takes effort, and it takes patience to get an effective result. It’s a time-consuming process, and you have to plan for months in advance. It will help if you put in hard work daily, consistently, with the proper planning and strategy. An easy way is to hire a social media marketing agency to do the hard work.

2. Your brand will be vulnerable and prone to negative feedback –

You can’t do much in this case. You are out there, in the open battle with your competitors. Your brand will be vulnerable and prone to negative feedback. Your one wrong move can lead you to severe scrutiny, embarrassment, and negative feedback from current and potential customers. It can affect your sales and can tarnish your brand image. And all this could happen in a minute. The only way out is to take swift actions, be attentive, and handle the situation like a professional.

3. Slow results and ROI –

Just know that social media marketing is a long-term process. Yes, there are references where content goes viral in the blink of an eye but not always. It’s not a guaranteed phenomenon. Consider it a share market; yes, people have seen overnight success there, but how many times? It’s rare. An intelligent investor is the one who goes for long-term investment. Slow results and ROI is the ultimate test of your perseverance. Every good thing demands patience and time.

Even if we know that social media’s open-endedness makes it an excellent example of ‘every coin has two sides, we can’t leave it because of its risks and disadvantages. By not using social media, you are only leading your business to a failure; do you want that? We are not in the ice age era anymore; it’s the 21st century, and to survive here, you have to be on social media. It’s not a discussion anymore, and it’s a fact. 

So draft your roadmap, plan your calendar and hire skilled staff. Introduce your brand to the world,  a world of endless possibilities. If you don’t have enough experience or time to do it in-house, please contact us for your social media marketing services. We know our job, and our happy clients are there to testify to it.

We hope this blog has cleared a lot of doubts in your mind regarding the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing, and the comment section is all yours. Feel free to write your thoughts.

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